Creating a Powerful Vision

06. 02. 2015    |    posted by: Ralph Beck

Creating a vision is often the most powerful step in planning, yet for too many organizations, the process is hurried through with vague language. The push to move to practical actions and concrete statements becomes easier with familiarity.

Frustration and roadblocks persist when wording the mission, vision, and core value statements. Remember the final wording can always be delegated. A well evaluated and supported declaration reverberates throughout an organization when planning gets down to the final practical actions and statements.

A vision should invite people to want to support its foresight, while also providing enough clarity to help people make appropriate and aligned choices.

Here's a statement anyone can make, "We aspire to create value for our customers by offering the best pricing and strong service." What organization wouldn't want to do that? To help create a clear vision, language of exclusion becomes necessary. State your vision in a way that excludes you from being something else. A clear, unambiguous statement helps people make choices every day, from planning decisions to the more mundane. This alignment of decisions helps stake out your value proposition as more than a marketing slogan. Your purpose becomes authentic with the knowledge of who you are, what you do, and why. If the world changes, and you need to revise your vision, then use the planning process to do so.

Can you recite your current vision statement? If not, then it may be time to revise it so it is compelling and contagious enough fro other people in your organization to feel motivated.


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