Learning from Clients

09. 28. 2013    |    posted by: Ralph Beck

Learning from clients is one of the best parts of my career. From time to time, I enjoy sharing their insights. For instance, this year I found some answers to a question asked in many books and studies: What makes people want to work in a specific workplace? I've found that the most powerful and desirable traits of a workplace are a result of planning, which is an area most companies want to rush through. People like to know why they are here, how to work together and what their roles are.

By having a clear meaning modeled in the culture, we can drive efforts on all levels and develop inspiration for change. In any sphere, a shared purpose pulls people together and helps achieve goals. The most common collective purpose of an organization is an expression of what the organization does for its customers or society.

I've also found that when people can accredit some of their work to something outside of themselves, their individual work becomes inherently more inspiring and satisfactory. The goal is not profit. Profit will be one of many outcomes if the company is successful.

When U3P Group comes into an organization, the individual's role has already been defined because the tasks within the organization are already in place. In order to succeed, we need the purpose and importance of each individual's task to be apparent on a large scale regardless of what level they are within the organization.

All of these traits in an organization assume employees are adults and that they should be treated with respect. This may sound obvious; however often times we see the senior management taking a condescending attitude to people below a certain level within the organization. By giving everybody the respect and importance they deserve, it becomes easier to make informed decisions, drive action, and ultimately achieve a collective purpose. We find ways to help inspire high level executives as well as backroom and front-line jobs of all levels so everyone knows their role and why it is important.

I've learned with the help of my clients that in a healthy company, each person involved will know what the organization is trying to do and what they need to do to make it successful.


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