Communicating Goals

01. 12. 2015    |    posted by: Ralph Beck

Organizations spend large amounts of time and energy fine-tuning their statements of mission, vision, goals, and core values. Yet there is often a breakdown of these valuable decision making tools within business and culture. Having fought so long over punctuation and word choice, how could this happen?

The answers are actually so simple that they can be easy to miss. We all listen, process, and integrate information differently. So once the twentieth draft of that statement and goals is done, it is time to determine how to share it effectively.

Some people just need factual summaries, some need graphic illustrations, or verbal demonstrations. Logic and emotion are most effective at different levels depending on the audience. So after you have hashed through your mission, vision, core values, and goals over and over again, you need a plan of communication, consistent in meaning across different methods of delivery. Eliminating the misunderstandings and increasing the alignment of meaning will only improve decision making, delegation, and problem solving.


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