The Value of Relationships

05. 05. 2014    |    posted by:

We have focused much of our marketing at U3P on process and purpose because they are easiest to describe and appeal to our prospects and clients during the first steps.


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Succession planning is once again a hot discussion item at U3P Group. However, this time around is different because there is a real sense of urgency. There is a natural inclination to address transition issues quickly as they suggest vulnerability to those at the top, and tend to feed on the impatience of others.

Which Comes First--People or Process?

02. 12. 2014    |    posted by:

Last month, I spoke to a group of business owners and CFOs. They had been reading Paid to Think by David Goldsmith, an in-depth book that helps you plan how to run a business. With such an ambitious goal, being critical is easy, yet Goldsmith provides incredibly powerful advice for any business owner or senior executive.