Change & Negotiation

01. 03. 2016    |    posted by:

Most of our work at U3P involves helping people find different ways to work, collaborate, or just move forward.

A lot of the challenge is at a personal level, overcoming habits, fears, and bias instilled through experience. We have found that the core principles of negotiation apply on a personal level. The concepts laid out in Getting to Yes by William Ury, Robert Fischer and Bruce Patton lay out the process going through each person's mind, and ways to overcome bias:

People and the Problem: Gaining perspective from your own bias helps you see obstacles and challenges in new ways. Pulling the emotion out, while honoring it, breaks open new solutions.

Interest vs Positions: Performing root cause analysis and identifying where your motivation and fear come from open new possibilities.

Generating Options: Separating invention from evaluation and brainstorming out-of-the-box and creative proposals vets for the best array of solutions.

Be Objective in Decision-Making: Leave your emotions at the door, by basing decisions on reasonable standards, using objective criteria, and agreeing to be bound by those objective standards.







Family Businesses in Transition

09. 22. 2015    |    posted by:

Family Businesses In Transition: Please welcome Martin Dukler, one of our affiliates. Martin brings a wonderful perspective to the group with experience as an entrepreneur, in government and many consulting and advisory engagements.

Creating a Powerful Vision

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Creating a vision is often the most powerful step in planning, yet for too many organizations, the process is hurried through with vague language.