By defining and developing processes, track and manage how each step affects other areas of the organization and your overall vision.

Plan, align, understand, and execute processes. Process design and execution helps you do things the right way more often, and more predictably. We help you define and refine the series of actions that produce your results improving growth potential for scalability and testing initiatives. Through mapping, analysis, training, and measurement, watch your organization transform into a more predictable, innovative, and educated environment.

Improve how issues are handled, reduce finger-pointing and move from blame to problem solving. U3P Group helps you pinpoint methods for implementing systems and addressing issues as they arise. Strong processes with measurement and milestones help accelerate the right outcomes, improve effectiveness, and help put out fires at their base. As a result of working with us, you will learn how to make your organization proactive rather than reactive to problems.

Refine all levels of your organization. Developing a process is a process in itself. Processes themselves need to be modified on a regular basis. Learn how to break away from the this-is-how-we've-always-done-it mindset. Our goal is facilitation and teaching, leaving the mapping skills and understanding with the organization when we are done so that as your company grows, you're able to address new changes.

In recommending us, one client cited us for our ability to reduce month end close time down from a 20-day accounting process to a five-day process. We've also helped design workflows, allowing a better way to preserve knowledge and training, and improved morale by giving employees a better understanding of how they fit into the entire process.

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