Help your team better understand each other using communication and personality tools.

For individuals and teams, communication acts as the barrier or bridge to success. By understanding the difference in the way people communicate and use language helps describe the different styles of communication, you and your team learn to better work together. DiSC assessments and training build effective communication relationships and support better performance in your organization. Our team has DiSC certification to facilitate the reports and guide you through the process of developing the way you interact with others. We find that this helps move the focus from people to process, reducing defensiveness while engaging group skills. The DiSC assessment is a powerful tool, helping transform the way everyone does daily business.

Through our certifications and distributors as well as our affiliate program, we have access to a wide range of tools and assessments from employment to team and leadership solutions. Using confidentiality, neutrality, and a client focus, our goal is finding the tool that meets the requirements of your situation. In every situation, teams enhance their decision-making skills through customized training built around specific issues.

U3P Group also offers the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator tool, one of the most widely used personality assessment tools in the world, with analysis and coaching about how it enhances the workplace. MBTI helps your team become aware of their differences, acknowledge the value of the differences, and incorporate a variety of perspectives into their interactions. As a result, the communication and workflow enriches your organization by helping people understand each other.