Strategic Planning

We believe the strategic planning process should be unique to every organization.

Strategic planning can mean many things, often reflecting where the organization is feeling pressure. Our process begins with understanding the drivers, then leveraging your knowledge and skills from analysis on through execution. Whether it is new markets or new internal processes, convert your ideas into actions.

We have developed a framework for the planning process that allows us to adjust to the outcome goals and needs of our clients. The tools we apply, and the depth of the planning process are adapted to the organization based on ownership, leadership, organizational structure, regulatory needs, and a variety of other requirements or constraints. Our methodology is designed to leverage the abilities of our clients from the initial vision all the way to implementation and review. We have found that most clients understand their business better than any outside consultant. However, they lack the perspective. We helpĀ generate the focus, putting ideas into motion within the distractions of everyday business.

While the way our team helps an organization is ever changing, our methodology is consistent. With the success of your organization in mind, U3P Group focuses on the alignment of people, process, and purpose to execute a long-term focused plan. The commitment to developing and implementing a plan is a major investment of resources at all levels of an organization. Using the Action Team Method and Core Value Development, we challenge assumptions with an unbiased perspective, and provide the discipline to follow through.