Process Management

Clearly define and measure how your organization operates.

The use of work flow and process design helps overcome silos, makes problems and opportunities more visible, and addresses needs or demands that might not otherwise come to the surface. Learning how to map, evaluate, and measure your processes, we help you reduce errors, improve process cycle times, reduce costs, improve reporting, and improve quality.

Different tasks and workflows performed by different people are hard to manage and coordinate. When working with U3P Group, we give you the tools to integrate groups of people into a consistent course of actions and in turn, foster team development. Rather than coming in as process engineers and designing the process for you, our goal throughout all of our work is to leave the knowledge and skills with you.

Often times, when an issue arises in a specific area of an organization, it is too easy to blame the people rather than the process. We have found that if the users of the process know of a way to address problems, they will be more likely to adapt to the process and work on longer-term solutions rather than abandoning the process and reverting to old habits. U3P Group has set up a methodology in our process training that creates opportunities to identify problems, put quick fixes in place, and address the core issues.