Core Value Development

Develop and tone your core values so they represent your decisions and behaviors.

Just as strong core muscles help stabilize the human body during exercise, strong core values help stabilize an organization for rapid growth or cultural alignment. Where the former helps prevent injury and improves the ability to leverage muscle groups, the latter helps overcome damage to the group and helps leverage their skills and abilities. The roots of core value development lie in the strategic planning concepts of social groups, leadership, and decision-making. We often use our core value tools for smaller professional and service firms that don't require full blown strategic planning.

Core values represent a guiding force, a set of rules around which decisions can be made while keeping in line with the organization's goals. Understanding these values and sharing them guides how formal and informal processes are developed, how everyday decisions are made, and fill the gaps creating guidance when rules or processes are missing. In strong organizations, the core values are a part of job performance metrics and a large part of the hiring and firing decision process. But best of all, core values help hold people together and prevent unnecessary tension and conflict.

Over time, the needs and requirements of an organization change. Originally well-defined core values weaken as the business changes, the economy changes, and the lives of the participants change. U3P Group helps organizations adjust to new pressure and changes, reevaluate what your organization is trying to accomplish and where it would like to go. Having a set of shared values allows people to stay on the same page and remain focused on their long-term goals.