Action Team Method

Explore, align, design, and implement tactical plans for strategy.

Great ideas have little value unless you integrate them into the organization. U3P Group uses the Action Team Method serving as a unique and powerful tool that helps you and your organization solve problems, develop processes, and help move ideas into action. Over time, we've learned how to integrate concepts from Six Sigma, the quality movement, and social theory to manage change and improvement. By working with disciplined, problem-solving teams, we'll guide you to change your processes, improve quality, and drive outcomes in a small area or at a cross-functional level in your organization.

The Action Team Method acts as a guide to take a step back, work together, and plan out a course of action to solve a problem. U3P Group works with Action Teams in a number of ways. We facilitate the Action Team Method by driving the teams through the process in its entirety, training your company, the Team Leaders and Action Teams to facilitate the process on their own, or combining both methods and apply our efforts through a hands on and hands off approach.

As a team explores, develops, tests, implements, and reviews possible changes across the organization, we've seen a breadth of progress gained. Leadership skills within the organization are identified and fostered creating a cascading effect on alignment with specific action items, and also with understanding the critical success factors for the organization overall.