Credit Training

Develop credit and risk management skills for you and your team.

We offer several credit training programs depending on the need of your organization. Through assessments of the current credit processes, we help you with consistent implementation, credit integration with sales, and overall relationships with customers. We offer a variety of cross-functional tools for improving the credit process including role playing, financial analysis, communication training, and case studies. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize efforts to the lender's culture, processes, and policies.

For transitional credit training, we offer the Credit Coach Program where we train your credit analysts through the credit and sales process beginning with identifying a potential prospect and ending with presenting a possibility for credit approval to a loan committee. By the end of the program, the student will have more experience in determining the information needed to make a credit decision. We focus on improving the understanding of financial statements, cash flow, collateral, credit structure, and covenants.

Beyond course material, we have found that one of the most beneficial tools is our full-blown, life-like case study that follows a business throughout each step of the credit approval process. Our personal instructors guide the student through several prospect calls where he or she will practice not only what to ask, but how to ask the prospect based on personality type and communication style. We strive to make this process as close to reality as possible.